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  • winter-rescue

    Winter Hair Rescue

    Feel that chill? Have layers of clothing on to keep you warm? Not unusual, February is the coldest month of the year! And even though we all look forward to those occasional bursts of warm air and sunlight, the drying...

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  • topicals-vs-serums

    Topicals vs. Serums

    Throughout the ages, hair has played a pivotal societal role. Throughout the ages, hair has served as a statement for certain religions, an indicator of economic status and to accentuate professional standing. For women it represents youth and beauty; for...

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  • hair-ages

    Hair Ages? Yes!

    Hair Ages? Yes! You’ve probably heard all the buzz words when it comes to hair care, and there are certainly too many to list here. Yet over the past few years, one phrase has been on the tips of our...

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